Wintec Strategic Planning Study

360° Design transformation

The Wintec Strategic Study comprised a comprehensive 360° Transformation Design project integrating key elements of vision and strategy to consolidate a holistic and robust institutional and campus redevelopment strategy. 

The study adopted a highly innovative multi-disciplinary approach and included extensive internal and external stakeholder consultations; a review of Wintec’s core values and future aspirations; educational benchmark performance indicators; social & community dynamics; environmental, urban design and place-making assessments; a detailed review of operations and service delivery; the identification of risks and critical success factors; an in-depth analysis of strategic planning and urban design considerations, and a robust business plan.


Hamilton, New Zealand

Project Value
Strategy for $65m Redevelopment Programme

NZPI (New Zealand Planning Institute) Nancy Northcroft Strategic Planning Award

Note: Project carried out while Director, Chow:Hill Architects Ltd
Project undertaken in partnership with Gordon Hassett, klu’dup Ltd