Before you can find an answer, you must understand the question. Our design philosophy embraces Plato's "Seven Steps of Design": Information, Analysis, Creativity, Judgement, Development, Design and Implementation. 

We are inquisitive - We are passionate about ideas and the power of  imagination. We bring a creative energy to everything that we do and use our imagination to make a positive impact through design. 

As proponents of Total Design, we facilitate holistic and inspirational outcomes. We remain intimately involved throughout the life of each project, collaborating closely with our clients to ensure the outcome matches the vision.

The open mind-set is relaxed, receptive, exploratory, democratic, playful and more humorous. The closed mind-set is  tighter, more rigid, more hierarchical, more tunnel-visioned. When we are in the open mode, we are the most aware, most receptive, most creative, and therefore at our most innovative. This is the place where ideas are formed.

Things can only be beautiful if everything works in harmony. We integrate individual, community, economic and environment needs in each project - bringing together diverse teams to consider outcomes and possibilities from multiple perspectives.

A Strategy without vision is uninspiring. A vision without strategy is unachievable. A vision and a strategy without an implementation plan are possibilities unrealised. Ultimately, implementation is all that really matters.

"We embrace a 'total design' philosophy that integrates design disciplines, characterises leadership style, informs design processes and describes our approach to business."